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The Peer Leadership Academy

Nurturing and Empowering Active Peer Leadership

In 2007, the Philadelphia Peer Leadership Academy was established to provide leadership training for people recovering from behavioral health and/or substance use challenges. The program also provides training for people who have family members with behavioral health and substance use challenges. The goals of the program include:

  • Help participants develop leadership skills and self-confidence
  • Reinforce commitment to recovery
  • Encourage positive contributions at home, at work and in their local community
  • Empower people to advocate for recovery transformation

The Peer Leadership Academy is a 13-week evening program, with classes running between 2 and 2 ½ hours per night. Classes begin with a hot meal, followed by a mix of direct teaching, group discussions and interactive exercises.

Participation is limited to those who are either nominated or recommended to apply. Candidates are selected based on their leadership potential, commitment to recovery, motivation, and desire to be an active leader in Philadelphia's recovery community.

Quick Facts:

  • Leadership skills training
  • 13-week program
  • Foster peer-driven leadership
  • Direct teaching and interactive exercises

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