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The Network of Care and Supports

The Services & Knowledge You Need - Online and In One Place

The Network of Care and Supports (www.philly.networkofcare.org) is an online community resource for individuals, families/other significant person(s), agencies and caregivers seeking information about behavioral health issues, and intellectual disability services.

The easy-to-use Web site puts a wealth of information, knowledge, support and resources at your fingertips and connects you to the services you need. The site includes:

  • A Service Directory with a list of specific behavioral health services provided by hospitals, clinics, agencies and other community-based organizations
  • An Information Library that allows you to access more than 4,000 health topics and wellness issues, all in one place
  • A Legislative Directory that allows you to stay current with state and federal laws and communicate directly with your elected officials
  • Behavioral health links to programs and services available through the government and non-profit organizations
  • An Insurance section to help you learn about your health insurance options
  • A comprehensive Support & Advocacy section to connect you to behavioral health organizations that provide support to individuals and families dealing with behavioral health issues


Network of Care and Supports

Visit the Philadelphia Network of Care and Supports Web site:


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