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Tabor Services Women with Children Housing Program

Keeping Children Safe...Strengthening Families

Tabor Services, a DBHIDS-funded agency, provides vital services in Philadelphia to meet the special mental health and emotional needs of dependent children and their families.

Tabor Services operates the Mother/Baby Supportive Living Program, designed to assist chronically mentally ill women and their children. The program is available to mothers 18 years or older who have a mental health diagnosis and up to 2 children (must be under 5 years of age). Program staff will:

  • Help locate and furnish an apartment
  • Provide instruction in activities of daily living such as shopping, cooking, and parenting skills
  • Help mothers maintain their physical and mental health needs

Additional program criteria:

  • Mother has an Axis I diagnosis and has been stable at least 6 months
  • Must be able to effectively communicate her and her child's needs
  • Is able to assume primary role in rearing the children
  • Understands her illness, her medications and is agreeable to treatment
  • Has been substance abuse free for at least one year
  • Is ambulatory and free of communicable illness
  • Has income allowing her to pay her rent and bills

To contact Tabor Services:

57 East Armat Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144

For more information:

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