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Re-Engagement Centers

A Way Back to School and a Diploma

The Philadelphia School District established a Re-Engagement Center (located at 440 North Broad Street) to provide young people and their families with convenient access to information and placement services leading to re-enrollment in a high school diploma or GED program.  

The Re-Engagement Center is open to young people between the ages of 16 and 21 who have disconnected from school (such as truancy or drop out) and are interested in returning to school. Trained, knowledgeable staff can help the disconnected student by:

  • Evaluating their academic needs and goals
  • Directing youth to the right academic program
  • Providing access to necessary support services
  • Offering guidance to increase the student's academic success

The Re-Engagement Center is available to any Philadelphia student between 16 and 21 that has dropped out of school for any reason. DBHIDS partners with the school district to ensure that students dealing with behavioral health issues, will have access to treatment programs and supports that will encourage successfully return to school.

The Phila. Re-Engagement Center is located at:
440 North Broad Street

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