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Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania

The Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania (MHASP) is a non-profit citizen's organization that develops, supports and promotes innovative education and advocacy programs that advance the delivery of mental health services in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

MHASP offers over 35 diverse programs to help support and empower mental health consumers and family members throughout the region. Recovery-oriented services and programs that are offered through MHASP include:

  • Vocational Programs- help consumers prepare for part-time or full-time employment
  • Community Support- social programs, case management and other supports to assist people in day-to-day situations
  • Advocacy- providing individual and systems advocacy on a host of issues concerning people with mental illnesses who live outside institutions
  • Community & Family Education- support and education programs for people with mental illnesses and their family members
  • Residential and Treatment Services- programs that help consumers make a successful transition into appropriate residential placements
  • Age-Related Services- specific programs to address the special needs of children, adolescents and older adults

For more information about the Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania:

e-mail: info@mhasp.org
(215) 751-1800, ext. 228 or (800) 688-4226, ext. 228

Website: http://www.mhasp.org/

Quick Facts:

  • Founded in 1951
  • Affiliate of the National Mental Health Association
  • Over 35 programs

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