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Long Term Structured Residences (LTSR)

A Long Term Structured Residence (LTSR) is a highly structured mental health residential treatment facility. They provide behavioral health treatment and specialized programming in a controlled environment with a high degree of supervision. LTSRs provide in-house therapeutic groups, activities and recreation.

Regulations governing the operation of LTSRs include:

  • 24-hour on-site nursing, with a minimum of two direct care workers on all shifts
  • A masters-level mental health professional must be on site for a minimum of 8 hours during every 24-hour period
  • The LTSR interdisciplinary team must be overseen by a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist
  • Unlike hospitals, LTSRs are not permitted to use seclusion or restraint


Quick Facts:

  • The LTSR may serve as a permanent placement, based on the individual's clinical needs
  • Only residential care option for a person involuntarily committed by the court
  • Average length of stay is 5 years


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