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HIPAA Resources


CBH 5010 Health Care Claim Acknowledgement Companion Guide (5/27/2014)

CBH 5010 Health Care Claim Payment/Advice (835) Companion guide (3/15/2012)

CBH 5010 Provider Information Session Presentation (11/21/2011)

CBH 5010 Companion Guide 837 Professional (Revised 5/14/2014)
CBH 5010 Trading Partner Companion Guide (Revised 10/10/2011)

CBH 5010 Companion Guide 837 Institutional (revised 6/17/2014)
CBH 5010 Companion Guide 837 Institutional (revised 6/17/2014) TESTING

Frequently Asked Questions about EDI - (4010 - 5010) (Posted 10/10/2011)


HIPAA Resources cont.

Adjudication and payment schedule example

This chart depicts the life cycle of an electronic claim file from its submission to CBH through its adjudication and its ultimate payment.
CBH Level of Care HIPAA Codes
Providers are asked to refer to the Schedule A's attached to their contracts for billing with HIPAA compliant codes
EDI claims submission documentation
Browser Interface Manual
EDI Browser Connection Phone Number (Provider Operations): (215) 413-7660
Sample Trading Partner Agreement (TPA)
(Note: This is a link to “samptpa.pdf”)

CBH Companion Guide 837 Professional (Revised 10/15/04)
CBH Companion Guide 837 Institutional (Revised 10/15/04)
National Implementation Guides
Diagram of the CBH EDI Claims Submission Process

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