National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Red Nacional de Prevención del Suicidio 1-888-628-9454
Suicide and Crisis Intervention Hotline (215) 686-4420
Línea Directa de Suicidio e Intervención en Casos de Crisis
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Faith-Based Recovery

Is the resolution of alcohol and other substance abuse challenges within the framework of religious experience, beliefs, and rituals and/or within the mutual support of a faith community. Faith-based recovery frameworks may serve as adjuncts to traditional recovery support programs or serve as alternatives to them.

Family Based Mental Health Services

Evaluation and treatment services provided to a specific child in a family, but focuses on strengthening the whole family system to increase their ability to successfully manage their child's behavioral and emotional issues. Services are provided by licensed agencies employing a mental health professional and a mental health worker as a team to provide treatment and case management interventions. Services are provided in the home of the family.

Family inclusion and leadership

Family members are actively engaged and involved at all levels of the service process. Families are seen as an integral part of policy development, planning, service delivery and service evaluation. It is recognized that families come in many varieties. Both families of birth and families of choice are respected and valued. Assessment and service processes are family-focused. Services are integrated where multiple family members are involved in care across programs and agencies.

Funding Source

Source for service reimbursement.

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