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Family-Based Services

Strengthening and Supporting Families

Family-Based Services is a 32-week program designed to prevent at-risk children and adolescents with severe mental illness from being placed outside of their home and away from their family. These in-home services are determined by the following guidelines:

  • Deemed in the best interest of the child and the family
  • Can effectively bring about improvement in the child’s functioning
  • Family’s commitment to positive change

Family-Based Services are designed to strengthen and support families so they are better able to maintain children and adolescents in their own homes. Children and families served by this program receive intensive therapeutic and case management services at home, with family-based staff available on a 24-hour daily, 7-day per week basis.

Children with or without insurance are eligible for this program. Two DBHIDS partner agencies, Consortium and Warren E Smith, provide services to uninsured children.


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