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Evidence-Based Practices Initiative

Evidenced-based practices (EBPs) have been referred to as the process of turning knowledge into practice. EBPs are interventions with supporting evidence that demonstrates improved individual outcomes.

DBHIDS wants to ensure that everyone receives the best quality of care in the most efficient manner. In order for this to happen, we are doing a number of things.

This first stage of the EBP Initiative involves the collection of materials to support staff in reviewing program proposals, programs and providing technical assistance. As a result, an EBP repository was established. It is an automated collection of information including:

  • Basic definitions
  • Progress reports
  • Lists of DBHIDS resources – contacts & staff resource directory
  • Model program descriptions
  • Reference Materials

For additional information, please contact:

George C. Gardiner, M.D.

Darnell Coleman, MA, L.S.W
215-413-3100 X6629

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