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DBHIDS Commissioner's Office

Under the leadership of Arthur C. Evans, Ph.D., the DBHIDS is in the process of transforming how behavioral health services are delivered in Philadelphia.

The benefits of this citywide initiative include greater accountability to consumers and their families. DBHIDS continues to focus on recovery, resilience, and self-determination to meet the objectives of its strategic plan. At the core of the transformation is evidence-based practice, trauma-informed services, person-centered services, and the reduction of healthcare disparities. The office, in conjunction with its stakeholders, is changing how services are delivered.

The Commissioner’s Office is responsible for the oversight of all planning, development, and implementation of administrative and operational activities. The office also handles constituent relations, inter- and intra-agency issues, other legislative issues and responds to the Mayor’s office.   

For more information contact:  dbhids.director@phila.gov

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