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Co-Location of Physical Health & Behavioral Health Services

Providing Convenient Access to Care

One of the goals of DBHIDS is to provide people with greater access to behavioral health services. To reduce geographic barriers, DBHIDS has launched a strategic initiative that targets individuals who are high risk as a result of their co-occurring behavioral health and physical health care needs.

By co-locating physical health and behavioral health care services, individuals will have greater and more convenient access to the care they need. A Special Care Team, comprised of care manager specialist, behavioral health nurse, HIV care specialist and supervisor work together, offering seamless coordination and access to appropriate services across both behavioral and physical health systems.

Under this approach, the Special Needs team

  • Collaborates with a client's Physical Health Managed Care Organization (MCO).
  • Assists with the integration of the medical systems with the behavioral health system.
  • Serves as mental health advisors to other agencies, and to the physical health MCOs.
  • Conducts monthly collaborative case rounds each of the three HealthChoices Physical Health MCOs.
  • Visits clients in their home, in a hospital or other location to more fully assess the client's needs and to build a rapport with the client.
  • Collaborates with other systems, agencies and care providers, as needed.
  • Assesses and refers to visiting psychiatric nursing services, when appropriate.

People who have medical issues that complicate their ability to obtain or benefit from behavioral health services can be referred to the Special Needs Team by the assigned Clinical Care Manager or by a Member Service Representative. The Special Needs Team will review the referral for appropriateness, and engage with the client, their family, current treatment providers, medical HMO, and other involved parties to coordinate a comprehensive plan of care.

Special Care Team:

  • For people with co-occurring disorders
  • Coordinated treatment with behavior health & medical specialists
  • Increase access to care

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