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Case Management Training

Improving Person-Centered Recovery

DBHIDS provides mandatory in-service training for all new Children’s Intensive Case Managers, Resource Coordinators, and Drug & Alcohol Case Managers as well as their supervisors.

Children’s Services Training Series

A 9-week mandatory training series to all new Children’s Intensive Case Managers (ICM), Resource Coordinators (RC), Drug and Alcohol Case Managers, and their supervisors. Program highlights:

  • An overview of the different child serving systems in Philadelphia
  • Strategies and processes so participants can effectively advocate for children and families

Targeted Case Management Core Curriculum Training

An 11-week program designed for new behavioral health case managers. Program highlights:

  • An overview of Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health
  • Fundamental knowledge about governmental regulations, standards and other resources
  • Training to increase the Case Manager’s therapeutic skills and knowledge

Targeted Case Management Core Curriculum Training is state mandatory for Case Managers and Supervisors from Targeted Case Management (Intensive Case Manager, Resource Coordinators, Community Treatment Teams, Housing First Case Managers, and some DBH funded shelter case managers). It is also deemed mandatory by the Office of Addiction Services for OAS-funded case managers.

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