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Behavioral Health Training & Education Network

Empowering and Improving Recovery Through Education

The Behavioral Health Training and Education Network (BHTEN) was formed in 1986 to provide education and training to the Philadelphia behavioral health community. Its team of behavioral health physicians, treatment professionals and training specialists provide programs and workshops that improve the quality of care, assist people in recovery and provide support to family members.

Today, BHTEN provides over 170 events per year throughout the city, including training classes, workshops and conferences for:

  • Behavioral health agencies and providers
  • People in recovery
  • Families of persons in recovery
  • Members of the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health/Intellectual disAbility Services

Over 8,000 individuals a year participate in BHTEN training and education events and programs. To learn more about the Behavioral Health Training & Education Network, visit their website at www.bhten.com.

Quick Facts:

  • Educational support for providers, people in recovery and family members
  • 170+ training programs annually
  • Website: www.bhten.com

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