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Authorization Services (BHSI)

What is the Behavioral Health Special Initiative?

The Behavioral Health Special Initiative (BHSI) is a program managed by the Office of Addiction Services. BHSI is funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to serve as a "safety net" for people without health insurance who require drug or alcohol treatment services.

Using state placement criteria, BHSI functions as a administrative, case management and funding entity, authorizing each person's care according to clinical/medical necessity. After BHSI conducts an assessment, the individual is referred to a licensed drug and alcohol provider in the BHSI provider network.

BHSI does not have a hearing and grievance process. If a provider wants to appeal any clinical or administrative decision, that provider must send a letter to the attention to the BHSI Director and a copy to the Assistant Director.

Providers should send appeals-related correspondence to:

Roland Lamb
Acting Director, Behavioral Health Special Initiative (BHSI)

The Behavioral Health Special Initiative
Administrative Services
801 Market Street 7th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 546-1200 fax (215) 732-2634

Intensive Case Management
123 So. Broad Street 23rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19109
(215) 546-6435 fax (215) 790-4960

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